The very first AGILITY SHIRT of the world

The following factors are very important for sporting success:
1. Stamina and condition
2. Technique and motor skills
3. Agility

Athletic agility is the main performance ability of champions!

Especially with the sports such as football, handball, basketball and others it is not only the strength and stamina that counts. Change of direction, sideways movements which can take place in different directions at the same time, need to be trained accordingly. The person should be able to act with strength and agility form any direction required for the sport. The "Functional Training” which is becoming fashionable is moving in this direction.

Traditional activity trackers, were up until now not able the record and evaluate this “AGILITY” characteristic of sportsmen. The SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES system is the first Smart-Wear-Fitness-Agility-Tracker-System, that supports, controls and monitors specific agility training, apart from trained sports-specific skills. The goal is to be able to expand and create optimal movement sequences to prevent injuries and to recognise personal weaknesses better, to analyse them and to correct them with a coordinated training program.

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Compression technology

The shirt is breathable and quick-drying, protects from overheating depending on the configuration …

Textile sensors

Textile Sensoren

The SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES shirt connects the body to high-precision sensors …



The 3D-A-CLUSTER captures, stores and sends the precise vital data such as respiratory rate, ECG …



The software allows an insight into the current agility state of the human being …

Mobile App

Mobile App

Long-term recording of agility data and statistical evaluation for training and rehab …



Previously experts believed that agility requires an inborn genetic predisposition …


As a value-oriented company, we are driven by our mission:
To make it easy to monitor people everywhere and at any time.

By capturing agility data, it is possible to help people to significantly improve their skills in this area with a special training. This is true not only for professional sports, but also for "everyday agility" VEXATEC is working on a wide range of innovation areas:

  • The acquisition of the data by means of textile sensors (Smartwear) and the 3D-A-CLUSTER
  • Providing apps, training programs and special software solutions for optimal agility training

VEXATEC combines compression clothing with high quality textile sensors, high-end microchips and state-of-the-art software solutions to create the best and most intelligent clothing. In Europe, Switzerland is a leader in the development of technical textiles and smartwear. Through strategic partnerships with leading Swiss companies and institutions in the areas of micro- and nanotechnologies, intelligent textiles and textile networking of electronic components, VEXATEC can react quickly to market movements.

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