The very first AGILITY SHIRT of the world

The following factors are very important for sporting success:
1. Stamina and condition
2. Technique and motor skillsk
3. Agility

Athletic agility is the main performance ability of champions!

Especially with the sports such as football, handball, basketball and others it is not only the strength and stamina that counts. Change of direction, sideways movements which can take place in different directions at the same time, need to be trained accordingly. The person should be able to act with strength and agility form any direction required for the sport. The "Functional Training” which is becoming fashionable is moving in this direction.

Traditional activity trackers, were up until now not able the record and evaluate this “AGILITY” characteristic of sportsmen. The SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES system is the first Smart-Wear-Fitness-Agility-Tracker-System, that supports, controls and monitors specific agility training, apart from trained sports-specific skills. The goal is to be able to expand and create optimal movement sequences to prevent injuries and to recognise personal weaknesses better, to analyse them and to correct them with a coordinated training program.

The SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES system is the first Smartwear-Fitness-Agility-Tracker-System, that supports, controls and monitors specific agility training, apart from trained sports-specific skills. The goal is to be able to expand and create optimal movement sequences to prevent injuries and to recognise personal weaknesses better, to analyse them and to correct them with a coordinated training program.

Detect, analyse and correct

Better performance through increased agility

The SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES shirt is the ideal monitoring instrument for functional training and agility training, as they are offered in professional sports and in the sports rehabilitation or by personal trainers. Originally developed for use in medical equipment, the system is the first „agility tracker” in the world which can monitor agile three-dimensional movements, also in „Functional Training”, which is being offered more and more.

SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES democratises high-end self-monitoring,
which in this form has so far only been reserved for the professionals.

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Heart rate variability
  • Respiratory rate
  • Posture / body position
  • Rotational dynamics / gyroscope
  • Physical acceleration (G-Force)
  • Calorie consumption

Compression technology

The shirt is breathable and fast drying, protects against overheating and cold depending on the configuration and allows the wearer a pleasant body climate during all sports and activities which cause perspiration. The multi-functional shirt can be washed. The heart-absorbing compression (graduated cut) guarantees an optimal contact pressure of the textile sensors, can accelerate the blood circulation and thus supply the upper body musculature with more oxygen. As a result, performance can be improved, the risk of injury can be reduced and the regeneration time can be shortened.

Above all, the improved physical performance can make it possible to pump significantly more air into the lungs. Different materials at relevant points such as the scapula and the side chest ensure an optimal compression process and unrestricted freedom of movement.

4 % more power per training session

More and more people swear to the benefits of compression clothing. In medicine, so-called „support stockings“ have been used for years - above all for the therapy of venous problems and thrombosis prevention. The physical effect is actually quite simple: The compression supports the muscle pump and the lymph vessels from the outside. This improves the blood circulation and the posture is promoted during training.

In addition, compression stockings are to be used to improve the transport of waste products, and to support the musculature so effectively that muscular vibrations are reduced so that discomfort and injuries can be reduced. In combination with sports or exercise, however, the tight fit can lead to a stimulation of the metabolism.

As a result, the fat burning could be stimulated. High compressions are planned for the SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES shirts. Depending on the application, different compression levels can be used on several shirts. The shirt has been developed for robust use, so it can be washed up to 150 times.

Textile sensors

SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES connects the body to high-precision sensors

By using conductive fabric, sewed and fixed in the right places, the shirt generates a signal based on bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA), which is converted into vital and position data by algorithms and integrated electronic components in the 3D-A-CLUSTER.

Instead of „estimated information“, vital data can be „read“ directly from the body in real time. In addition to the accuracy, what has also been very important aspects for the development are compression, wearing comfort and care.


Battery life: 12 hours, data capacity: approximately 20 hours, integrated GPS, USB 3.0

In addition to the accurate vital data such as respiratory rate or ECG, which are captured via the textile sensors within the SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES shirt, the 3D-A-CLUSTER also captures, stores and transfers further parameters from the movement pattern of a human being such as position, rotation, posture in space and acceleration in real time. In addition, these data are saved for later evaluation on the internal memory.

The 3D-A-CLUSTER consists of a group of technical components with different tasks, which make the entire system so powerful. Physical therapists, sports therapists and also movement scientists have long waited for an analysis instrument for agile motor procedures.

In collaboration with sports physicians and physical therapists, it is possible to develop interesting training and treatment courses, which are then made available as training sessions to the athlete or patient for example via an app. This allows, for example, training sessions to adapt to the current physical condition of the human being.

The 3D-A-CLUSTER captures, stores, calculates and transmits the following measured values:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Heart rate variability
  • Respiratory rate
  • Posture / body position
  • Rotational dynamics / gyroscope
  • Physical acceleration (G-Force)
  • Calorie consumption


The program, which is used as an app on the mobile phone or as a software on a PC, allows an insight into the current agility state of the human being, but also by comparing it with the data available, a targeted agility training which places different priorities depending on the type of sport. Fast, agile movements can be trained and improved in this way.

The SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES system is not a fitness tracker in the traditional sense. Although common features such as GPS and, in view of the mass market requirements, MP3 players via Bluetooth are envisaged, SENSOCOMP TECHNOLOGIES is indeed more. It allows the recording and transmission of vital and, above all, agility data, making it the first agility tracker in the world. In addition to the monitoring of training sessions, however, the reverse path is also possible. An app provides exercises and checks the correct execution. This closes the loop of exercise, improvement and training success.

Mobile App

for Android and iOS

Long-term recording of agility data and statistical evaluation - suitable for training and rehab. In the training file, markers can be set, segments can be enlarged and displayed in detail.

  • Real agility detection based on position and acceleration data
  • Agility detection in combination with ECG monitoring
  • Average values at a glance:
    Performance / cadence / speed / heart rate / distance / performance kilometre / energy conversion / time
  • Periodical evaluation for comparing training sessions
  • Calculation of the average maximum power during a certain time interval
  • E-mail alerts to trainers and supervisors
  • Cloud access for trainers, physical therapists, sports physicians and carers


Agility – key performance
  • Responsiveness
  • Coupling ability
  • Balance ability
  • Adaptability
  • Differentiation ability
  • Orientation ability

Movements, whether in sport or in everyday motor skills, are initiated from different body positions. Therefore, an athlete must be able to act quickly and powerfully from all sorts of body positions.

Agility is selectively trainable!

Previously experts believed that agility requires an inborn genetic predisposition, and therefore cannot be trained. If an athlete has good physical qualities, trainers put their hopes in these skills. In the meantime, it is safe to say that it does not depend on the preference of the athlete, but a targeted training of agility skills.

It is therefore not enough to work solely on the physical abilities, such as strength and conditioning, but on the interplay of muscle groups which are necessary for good agility and on the coordination skills. First, this interplay increases the agility and hence success. In all game sports, speed and agility are at least as important as power and speed in lateral and rotational movements - it is the interaction of all these together.

This approach is also followed by functional training, which is offered by more and more sports studios. Fast acceleration, deceleration or change of direction with renewed rapid acceleration - in constant control and balance with the lowest possible speed loss.

Most agility exercises do not last more than 10 seconds. Accepting and passing balls, change of direction in short time intervals in all three directions of motion simultaneously. Particularly in the case of game sports, a targeted agility training is indispensable. All professional teams train for strength and in addition to the usual skills needed for the respective sport they also train agility.

Neuromuscular adaptation phenomena

The neuromuscular system can be most effectively addressed by agility training. This should be realised with sport-specific skills taken from the sport to perfect the required patterns of movement as well as with special training patterns.

This can compensate for seasonal differences. Agility training is part of every training program and helps to balance and optimise the strength and conditioning of the selected sport.

Better athleticism

Improved body control is the most important benefit of agility training. Athletes who are constantly working on their coordination ability are assured of the immense impact on their overall athletic ability.

Here, the sport doesn't really matter, because they learn to control their body parts such as the neck, shoulders, hips, back, knee and ankles with improved sensitivity. The rather uncoordinated athletes benefit enormously from a well-thought-out agility program and can significantly increase their performance.

Shorter rehabilitation and injury prevention

Injuries are unavoidable in sports. A specific agility training is however able to reduce risks of injury. Because very often the cause of injury is inattentiveness in the motor system, which can cause injuries at crucial moments. It is about preparing the body for these moments of sport.

This usually happens with sport-specific agility exercises, which prepare the athlete for these stress situations. Anyone who employs these forms of practice will refine their neuromuscular sensibility. Also in sports rehabilitation, it helps to achieve faster progress.


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